"Sinatra Tribute"

Just Dan has been singing Sinatra's songs for over 40 years and has just recently designed a show around his music.  Dan sings Sinatra's hits from the 40's thru the 70's using professional background music to better project the power in Sinatra's style.  It's impossible to project Sinatra's music without a 20 piece orchestra.  That being very expensive and prohibitive for Dan, he decided to utilize the background music.

He has woven in the musical history and biography of Sinatra's career.  Leaving out Sinatra's personal life, Dan sticks the task at hand.....his music.  The interesting thing about Dan's cover of Sinatra's hits is that he is not trying to sound like Sinatra, rather he is simply trying to help the audiences enjoy Sinatra's music.

Here's how you can benefit from the "Sinatra Tribute"

Just Dan's "Sinatra Tribute" is perfect for hotels that have "get a way" weekends advertised for prospective guests.  You can have the Just Dan's "Sinatra Tribute" in one of your smaller ballrooms along with dinner all included in the price.

Offer Dan's "Sinatra Tribute" to your prospective convention clients. If you have a large group attending a conference (with spouses), offer this show as an extra treat for them after a long day of conferencing.

Individually you  can impress your friends with a special showing at a venue of your choice for an Anniversary Party, Birthday Party, or just an event. 

No matter how you use Just Dan's "Sinatra Tribute", it is sure  to impress your clients and guests for years to come.

Letter of Recommendation from Hilton Snowdon , Dir. Parks and Tourism, Gloucester County 

To whom it may concern,

“I am Hilton Snowdon, Tourism Coordinator for Gloucester County Parks, Recreation & Tourism. It has been part of my duties to line up entertainment for, and put on, our annual “Concerts on the Green” that run  May through September.  We promote on our county web page but not much else.   A week before the concert we put up our “Concert on the Green” banner with “Sinatra Tribute” around the Court Circle. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go, but then started receiving calls from Yorktown and Williamsburg inquiring about this concert. I thought hummm… 
A good crowd for one of these concerts is 125 to maybe 150, but before Dan hit his first note the crowd was over 100 strong.   
We estimated over 200 attended that night, the largest crowd we have ever had. When Frank, I mean Dan,  broke into New York, New York and said “this is where the Rockets come in”, dozens of ladies began kicking up their legs in perfect timing from their lawn and camping chairs!”

"Will we have him back next year?  You bet.  We can't wait.

Thank you,
Hilton Snowdon
Tourism Coordinator
Gloucester Parks, Recreation and Tourism